Handweaver of Tribal Wraps


My Tribal Wraps are woven with a potpourri of warp and weft fibers that create a sumptuous texture and luxurious feel.  A colorful assortment of yarns is selected for each piece - thick and thin, textured and smooth, matt and shiny - and each fiber is threaded through the loom, one by one.

While weaving, I am always amazed as the warp and weft fibers seem to be engaged in some sort of mysterious conversation as each piece begins to take on a life of its own. I am simply along for the ride.

All wraps may include polished cotton, cotton slub, rayon flake or boucle, tencel, silk, bamboo or wool. Between forty to sixty hours of labor goes into each piece, depending on the size. Dry cleaning is recommended.

The wraps will fit a large, medium or small-sized figure; it’s simply a matter of personal style. The neck wraps are generous enough to wrap around the neck twice, with lots of length in front.